manutenção predial e sitess críticos

Building maintenance and critical sites

Cushman & Wakefield has a highly specialized team, focused on building maintenance services and critical sites, which operates in data centers, servers of financial institutions, hospitals, laboratories and areas that, in case of service outage or loss of data, cause financial, commercial and social disruption.

Large companies entrust their operations to Cushman & Wakefield’s mission-critical infrastructure and application management, which follows the certifications and safety standards approved by control entities, ensuring stability and quality standards in maintaining high availability systems and applications .

Building maintenance

With processes aimed at reducing costs and increasing the operational efficiency of its business, Cushman & Wakefield manages and manages property operations, taking care of general and specialized maintenance with its own team.

Our process efficiency combined with the extensive expertise of our team offers a complete management of your business venture, reducing unforeseen risks and expenses and increasing the productivity of the operation.

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